Total Impact (shortpost)

Here’s an interesting product invented by Kyle Lukianuk​: the Impact Card. It takes the Good Returns model to a whole new level.

How it works: you purchase a gift card from a company. You can use it or give it immediately. The company sends all the money to a sustainable impact organization as a one-year interest free loan to scale their impact. One year later the company gets paid. All the money goes to good, and you get all the money to spend.

We put Kyle’s idea into action: you can now buy an Impact Card at Soap Hope. Pick an amount. You can spend it all anytime or give it to someone as a present. Soap Hope sends all the money to Esperanza International or Milaap or PeopleFund, which lends it to women to start businesses and escape poverty. One year later Soap Hope gets the money back. We’re willing to wait a year because (1) we love our mission and (2) our customers love to give the Impact Card.

Good one, Kyle!

Author: Salah Boukadoum

I am co-founder of Soap Hope, a social venture that sells natural, healthful products online, then invests 100% of profits into anti-poverty programs for women worldwide. -- My business model is called Good Returns: corporate capital spends one year volunteering to solve a world problem, in the form of an interest-free loan to a sustainable impact organization. The company also serves as a storyteller for the impact organization, and the "cycle" unlocks new value for everyone involved. -- My vision is to transform Dallas into the center of the world for solving humanity's greatest problems. I call it "Impact City." -- Ideas: -- TEDx Talk: -- Venture: -- Model: -- Impact City:

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